Saturday, July 17, 2010

You're gonna catch a cold, from the ice inside your soul

Something about that is just so wrong.

Jake and I are FINALLY taking a vacation and going to his moms this weekend. Its going to be great fun but its also going to be sad in the begininng. I know its going to pull Jake's heartstrings walking into his moms house when Rocky isnt there to greet him [or more like run to see who is at the door then run away once we walk inside ] :( Ill miss the little bugger too. I'll never forget my very first visit there, the day we arrived Jake and I went to his room to take a short nap and Rocky came to the room with us and got on the bed and layed right on top of me :]
Its so sad when you lose a dog, I cant imagin how Jakes mom must feel..that was her little furbaby. He went with here everywhere and now he is gone. She needs another dog, a little puppy to keep her busy everyday and heal the hurt from Rocky.

Maybe I'll FINALLY get my foot tattoo this weekend too!...yeah right...Jake is getting his chestpiece finished...there wont be time for mine :[

Oh well, gotta finish packing and taking care of le bebe. Later d00dz

[RIP Rocky, we all loved you]

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