Thursday, July 22, 2010

This place is toxic and trashy

I am so ready to move and get away from every fucking person here. I don't need to be surrounded by people who just step on you.

I went to Jakes moms house this weekend. It was alot of fun. Sunday we all just hung out, ate dinner, bought Adrien a new stroller, and then watched 4 episodes of Dexter. Monday we took a trip to San Fransisco. Adrien had a ball and it was nice to get out. Then we went home..watched more Dexter. Tuesday Jake went to get his chestpiece worked on and His mom, sisters and I + Adrien went back to SanFran to Pier 39 to frolic about. We pretended to be tourists, made fun of Dani's purple maryjanes and oogled at glass jellyfish. Then we went home and watched MORE dexter. Wednesday we stayed home all day and just hung out, ate cookies...watched Dexter. Then they watched Adrien and Me and Jake went out to have alone time. We went to the mall and bought some shirts and dinner. Then went home, packed up the car and went to bed. Woke up 4am and drove home and here I am

Its funny how automatic this feeling is. I was content and happy and totally stress free until the 5 turned back into the 405 and it got gloomy and I had to pee. Once i walked through the front door and saw the house was a mess. Obviously my brother disregarded the note i left him asking to please clean the house.
Now I am just pissed[not at my just irritated with him] I was happy last night sleeping in the bed in our soon to be apartment and now I am back in the southbay and I am just so mad. I hate being here. and aside from JUST my family, I hate EVERY goddamn person here. No damn exceptions. UGH I am so frustrated. I left my problems here and had a good vacation but they were waiting for me once i walked through that door.

We may be moving ALOT sooner than November now.
I hope maybe in a month or so. Just gotta build up the heart strenght and rid myself of this fucking ppd.


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