Monday, May 31, 2010

You left all the lights burning but nobodys home.

Really super bummed
and depressed

My weight really brings me down, and no matter how hard i try i just cant stay motivated to shed these last few lbs. I want to lose that plus more. I tried to look fit before this comming weekend[been trying for 3weeks] but my progress has sucked and now i WILL NOT be getting in any sort of bathing suit at all. Jakeand Adrien can go swimming by themselves on our vacation. Im just going to have to miss out.
I have 19 days to try to slim down at least a little to look good before my cousins wedding.

Its just really stressing me out.
Also bums me that i can never wear a bikini ever again. So even finding a cute one piece is tough.

Fucking sucks. Im goin for a nap.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This week or last week, I don't really care about it anymore

I finished my lunch, I know have time to put a little more into this.

Wedding planning has been started. We finally started looking into all our options at different hotels. I just hope these premade wedding ventures at various hotels will let me have at least most imput on how i want things to look. Im not down with cookie cutter white weddings. No thank you.

I haven't seen anyone outside of my usual family in about...3 months. It is really not that suprising but that doesnt mean it doesnt bother me. The most exciting thing that happened was a lunch date with friends i was supposed to have a month ago but i never got a call back.

Thats just how it goes.

I am really excited to visit Jakes family in a couple weeks, we deserve a small vacation. Jakes family hasn't seen Adrien since he was 9weeks its been a little over 3 months.

He is getting big.

My first post.

And i have absolutely nothing to say yet.
Adrien is asleep and snoring, I can't believe he is going to be 5 months old on Friday.
MAMA PAJAMA how time flies. Im going to make some chicken and rice soup. Ill update later.