Monday, May 31, 2010

You left all the lights burning but nobodys home.

Really super bummed
and depressed

My weight really brings me down, and no matter how hard i try i just cant stay motivated to shed these last few lbs. I want to lose that plus more. I tried to look fit before this comming weekend[been trying for 3weeks] but my progress has sucked and now i WILL NOT be getting in any sort of bathing suit at all. Jakeand Adrien can go swimming by themselves on our vacation. Im just going to have to miss out.
I have 19 days to try to slim down at least a little to look good before my cousins wedding.

Its just really stressing me out.
Also bums me that i can never wear a bikini ever again. So even finding a cute one piece is tough.

Fucking sucks. Im goin for a nap.


  1. i know how you feel :[ i still want to lose 31 lbs, but everytime i get down to a certain weight i gain it all back again.. it sucks..

  2. Ugh i hate it. i wish weightloss was easier and faster =/