Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And the softest part of your flesh helps my body ingest sleep in the dead of the summer.

I am completely confident that I will never find THAT sort of friendship ever again.

The best friend i ever had in my entire life, stopped talking to me. Then when she was ready to move on past this, she expects me to forget about the troubles and act like it never happened.

But it did, and I will never be 100% certain what i did to make her so angry. If i dont even know that i have to question if she ever knew what the big deal was.

We are already a year beyond this, and every now and then we make a swift joke or comment at each other on Facebook, share a quick laugh via internet, and then go back to our lives without each other

And it kills me everyday. She was supposed to be there for me always. She was supposed to play a HUGE part in my sons life.

Instead she was hours late to my babyshower, and never called me back for a lunch date

All i have left are hundreds of our ridiculous pictures and the memories that hurt to think about

I never thought i would be this hurt from my own friends. The girls i trusted more than anything . Its not all thier fault, i could have been wrong SOMEWHERE, but no one talked to me. No one told me. Ill feel guilty forever.

But it doesnt mean im not allowed to be angry too.

This is worse than heartbreak from a loved one. Heartbreak over your friends is a kind of hurt i never wished to expirience. But i have and all i can do now is move on.

Or at least try to

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