Friday, June 18, 2010

I can't do it

My need to lose weight is seriously stressing me out
But at least i finally figured out why i havent been so tired and severely unmotivated the past couple of days. I was comming down with something, i have had a 101 fever all night -_-
just my luck too, the night before Toni's wedding. If this sickness ruins my fun, i am going to be sooo upset
I have been looking forward to dancing and just having FUN. especially since Jake will FINALLY have work off to come to a family function. Thank goodness...attending all these family parties on my own with a 5month old gets so stressful.

In even worse news, my tio has a tumor in his brain. And they found out it IS cancer and it is malignant :[
Such awful timing..his daughter is getting married tomorrow. :[


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