Friday, June 4, 2010

Everyone learns faster on fire

Weekends sort of suck. I would looooove for a friend to call and invite me out or at least come over.

My mom gave me a talk earlier. She told me that she is very proud of me and impressed at how much I handle on my own. She told me when she and my father had my older brother, they always had help. My grandmother lived with them so they always had an extra pair of hands. Me and Jake have only asked my mom to babysit a handful of times in the 5months Adrien has been here. She says although its nice to see us take responsibility completely and not handing him off constantly like some young people, we should still take some time for ourselves everynow and then.

I have been contemplating having a girls night. Leaving Adrien with my mom for a night on the weekends and just go out with my friends and enjoy myself since Jake works until midnight on the weekends anyways

But then i remember i dont have friends who will call me up. Not to mention i hate getting ready becuase i just feel awful about myself and my stupid weight.

There is no winning. I really need to do somethng for myself soon and cheer up. Like new clothes or a tattoo or something

Jake is the only spoiling myself even just a little is out of the picture.

I atleast wish i had friends to just chat with. everyone is so busy.

Im going to go watch Adrien go nuts in his jumperoo. The little sucker is protesting bedtime again -_-

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