Thursday, October 7, 2010

It didnt fix me

But at least it was fun

Friday we awoke at 4am, loaded up the babe and the jumper and my toothbrush and hit the road. By 545 the sun was still down and we hit Mojave. about an hour or so later we made it to Lone pine and we got some grub and fed Adrien and continued on the road. Stopped in Bishop for some gas, changed Adriens diaper let him pretend to drive in the gas station parking lot, then got back on the road. We made it to Bridgeport around 1030 and the feeling was like no other. The fresh air, familiar shops and pine needles. The Sounds played on the ipod and we drove down Twin Lakes rd to the campgrounds. The windy road through all the ranches and cows felt like home. This was a good day.

We arrived at camp, first out of everyone[besides my parents..they arrived wednesday] The dogs greeted up and Adrien squinted his eyes searching around camp...confused since he just awoke from his nap in a totally different place. A couple hours later Jakes mom and sisters arrived. It was a party

The next morning we awoke and it was FREEZING. But we loved it. My dad made everyone breakfast. Aja, Erik, Kevin, Tia Angel, Tio Victor, Sam, Julia and Vinny had arrived sometime around 5am so the party grew some.
We had breakfast, and chilled in the crisp cool morning air until everyone got changed an comfortable.

 then went on a hike to Twin Lakes
After the hike we went to the Twin Lakes general store to get some icecream. Adrien had  a taste of a popsicle and went NUTS and would yell for more. He only got one taste that day. Then Erik came back with the tahoe and we drove back to camp since Jakes mom and sister had to leave. They packed up and got ready then hit the road.
Later that night Adrien got super fussy so Jake took him to the tent to change him..he laid him on the airmatress and when he turned around he was asleep
eventually he woke up, it was cold that night

The next morning we got up, we had super dad gourmet breakfast again and hung out around camp

Then we decided to take a trip to Bodie

The next day, Me Jake, Aja, Kevin and Erik went on a short adventure to the hotsprings while my parents relaxed at camp with Adrien

Then Adrien got a good ol outdoor bath

Then the next day we went to Reno to get Connie and to stock up on some camping supplies...I dont really have many of the reno pictures. They were mostly taken on my moms camera.

After reno we went to Virginia City

Then we went home, and went to sleep.
The next day we tried to get an early start. We drove to town and then went shooting, aftwards we to a drive to summerwood meadows to do some 4wheelin. Then e drove UP a mountain, to cavanaugh ridge
Then we made it alive!
Then we found some snow and Adrien trieed to eat it

Then our last day  show up, we went to virginia lakes to go on a little hike, then did a little driving an went back to camp to pack up

These are the only pictures I have. there are more on my moms computer but Adrien doesnt give me enough time to get over there an add them to this blog [you cant tell but I have been typing this one entry and adding pictures and then saving over and over since the monday after we got home..nearly two weeks]

It really was an awesome trip but I came back home to all my problems and worries and i feel worse than ever.
Now all I can think about is going back to Birdgeport, but we have a whole year to wait out.

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