Saturday, August 7, 2010

Red velvet cake frozen yogurt

I would kill for some right now.

Today I went shoppping for little dude. I got him some new shirts, shorts, sleepers and pacifiers. WOO. I even got some new bras. I love going shopping with Adrien, he is the easiest baby ever to take out. He never cries, He just sits in his stroller and plays, smiles at everyone, eats and sleeps. Sometimes I feel like he thinks he is just too cool for crying, I can honestly say in his 7months of living I cannot recall a time where he cried for a long period of time..ever.

I really got lucky with him, he spoils us. He sleeps through the night since he was 2 weeks old, he smiles CONSTANTLY, always laughing, loves everyone, is content playing on his own. He never gives me a hard time. Gosh I love him.

I know this means my next child will be the devil. haha

Jake and I are getting married in 3 months, 1week and 5days. The planning is slow so we better get on this QUICK. I am hoping I can convince SOMEONE to let me have my ideal wedding at the Aquarium of the Pacific...haha. But I guess vegas will have to do. It will be fun.

Now I just need to lose like 40lbs and find the perfect dress


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