Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This is so uncool!

Moving last October was very hard, for a number of reasons.
1. I was pregnant, with my first child.
2. I was being forced to move out of the house I have lived in for 17years
3. I was having serious knee problems and pelvic problems that made it difficult for me to be mobile..let alone move my entire house.
4. My hormones were at an all time high and in a situation were I would normally sigh and walk with my head down, I was instead bawling my eyeballs out every 10 minutes, which made me grumpy, which made me bitchy, which made me sleepy, which made me cry even more.

FINALLY, this house started to feel like home. My son was crawling around the living room and yelling at the dogs. My dad talking about how lucky we were to find this house so quickly, with enough room for all of us, and a big yard for the dogs. We all felt...comfortable. We didnt even mind living across from a highschool.

Then last Sunday rolled around. We took Adrien swimming for the first time, ate in n out, it was a pretty normal Sunday for us. Until that evening, our landlord called with the news. He was having twins, so now he needs to sell our house. Unless we want to buy it, we have to move by October. Not that big of a deal...except..
September 15th we are supposed to be going camping in  Bridgport for 10 days. I have been waiting for this trip for two years. We couldnt go last year becuase I was pregnant. Couldnt go the begining of the season becuase Adrien was too young and no one could get work off. I would give my kidney to get a chance to take this trip, thats how much it means to me. Bridgeport is my favorite place in the world. FAVORITE.
Everyone got the time off, it was going to be perfect. But now we most likely wont even be able to go. I am Absolutely crushed. Moving wouldnt have been so bad, but now cancelling my trip. Cancelling my first attempt to start a family tradition of my own with my OWN family.

this sucks,... you suck Mr. Keilborn.

so now we need to find a cheap house, again, and move within the next 30days..again.
My parents are also tossing around the idea of Colorado again..so who knows..I may not even be in California by October. sigh
Im gonna go take a nap with Adrien.

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  1. Good luck! I hope you can find a place.