Wednesday, August 11, 2010

You know how you read statistics, they show you a percentage of people something will happen too. 5% of women will give birth on thier duedate, 3% chance you'll get run over by a trailer. When you see certain percentages and you see the small numbers, it sort of gives you a sense of relief "whew, one less thing I need to worry about"

That doesnt happen to me, becuase I usually fall into those small numbers. 20% of women will expirience severe pelvic pain many months pp. check.
something% of people will expieirence permanent severe scar tissue and pain after knee surgery. check.

One more thing to add to the fucking list, i wont even mention here..but it sucks
They couldnt do it right and now I am pretty much broken and falling apart. I need to go to the doctors to get fixed. One more thing on top of everything else and I just cant handle this.

I have the worst luck ever. And I am fucking tired of it.
I cant go out and make friends becuase I am home bymyself all day long with adrien. and even if I do get the chance I cant bare it to get ready becuase I hate getting dressesed and looking in the mirror. What happened to me. I used to be cute, and little. Cant lose the weight becuase working out doesnt work with an infant, and eating healthy does shit for me. I have working so hard and nothing helps. So I give up. Ill just never leave the house again.


  1. I always fall into those percents too. I have the worst luck. Eating right only helps maintain weight and health. You need cardio, pure cardio to lose weight. Which is on your side bc you can do that WITH baby. Jogging with baby attached to you or in stroller! Or if you are rich like I wish I was you can buy a tread mill and do that shit inside where no one can laugh while the baby sits in the bouncer ;o)

  2. I do alot of powerwalking with the child in the stroller everyday and I have an Elliptical in the house I workout on everyday as well. Its very slow progress. I am just too impaitient. I want the weight off NOW -_-